It’s been a fun ride, but…

Hey there fans, friends, and family. In my last post let you all know that I had moved myself and my family to Alaska to start anew in a way I thought would bring opportunity as well as peace. I even found the music scene and began to play in a great band with great musicians. All of the networking in Alaska has been great. However, it saddens me to let everyone know that we’ve discovered Alaska is just not for us.

IMG_20150930_041127smallWith green of spring finally coming in around May, the long duration of winter (darkness), separation from all of our family, the harsh economic climate here (cost of living), and many more reasons has driven us to decide to leave. We understood the risks when we came up here but the realities were not clear and both my wife and myself have agreed we had a much higher quality of life in Missouri.

That said, we love Alaska and its beauty. It is tremendous! We do not feel we made any mistakes by coming here and feel that this was just a stepping stone for us both to understand each other and ourselves.

One of the revelations we have come to is that, for me, music will become front and center in our lives. I’ve decided that I’ve been dancing around the idea of starting a music related business because I did not have the confidence in myself to be able to make it profitable. After starting a business with my friend in Alaska, I’ve decided to take the plunge and create a business that I love doing.

Music is the one element in my life that has never changed and has always been therapeutic.

So with that said, August 15th 2016, Leaving Alaska RVWe will be leaving Alaska in our RV (that I am currently calling “The Snowbird Wagon” and will return to Missouri to begin a new business. When I left Missouri in 2015, I had just shut down a momentum of focus I had begun to develop in banjo building. I had interest in my product and even was given a down payment for a commission. Now, I have to rebuild that momentum again.

I have been working on the details of the new banjo shop as I can. You can keep up with the banjo company and the possible future music company at our Facebook pages as well as the website and

I hope Snowbird Banjo Company will lead to many new opportunities for me musically and believe it will be a better fit for myself as well as my family.

Thank you for riding along with me on our Journey and wish us luck on our 5000 mile drive back!

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