As often as we encounter music, we tend to associate it with fun, hobby, or side interest. Make no mistake about it though, music is a business industry. Often, we musicians hope to accomplish a desired status or success level but all we work on is the music. We meticulously work on vocals or a specific lead in with hopes of it making the difference…and it helps. And if your intention is to play music for yourself or family, then that is good enough. However, if your intention is to make a living, at least in part, through music, then you have to think of music as a business. 

Because I have been moving around the country for the last 3 years, I have been a bit too side tracked with simple everyday tasks to begin focusing on my music in earnest. This of course doesn’t mean I have not played music along the way to attempt to keep myself sharp, not in the least. I have just reached my one year anniversary of my best written song, “Going Back To Missouri” and I have added many new vocals to my list.

As you may have noted when coming to the website, there are a few new changes to the graphics. One in particular is the introduction of the famous Bowler Hat! I have long wanted one of these hats. Often I felt that only John Hartford could adequately use this hat as a symbol. But he doesn’t own it, therefore, I am proudly picking it up as my brand, combined with my intentions to begin focusing on Americana and Roots music more so than specifically “Old-Time” music. I love old-time but there are folks who get hung up on the term expecting the outcome of the music to fit a specific box or definition. My desire is to perform the music I love in a way that folks will enjoy to listen to and if they are so inclined, they’ll be able to dance too!

During my trip to Eureka Springs Arkansas for my 15 year wedding anniversary, I came across a store that had the Bowler hats I have so longed for. My wife decided that it was a fitting wedding anniversary gift and so, I move forward with my new identity and purpose. 


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  • Ryan Navey on

    Yay for you! Dedication is the main ingredient! Wear that hat as a reminder of your focus. And it looks awesome so win-win, my friend!

    • Jeremy Myers on

      Thank you so much!

  • Gary Foster on

    I can’ wait till you get bit by the Jazz bug. Heh! Talk about rebranding!

    • Jeremy Myers on

      Well, at this point, I am safe from the Jazz bug. 🙂

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