A New Album!

Hi everyone! Thank you for your ongoing support of organic, independent, music! I have been working over the years on material for a new Album that I have attempted to record on my own several times, but due to living conditions, a suitable quality recording space has never been able to be acquired and I’ve always been unhappy with my own recordings. 

I was scrolling facebook when by happenstance, I came across a friend’s video who was being recorded by MillSounds Studio in Mountain View, Arkansas, I became interested in their work. After making a comment on the video and garnering the pleasure of engineer Matt Anderson, we began to converse about the possibility of putting an album together. 

This is my first “Real” attempt to create a CD with professionally mastered tracks! I have an estimate for the recording sessions and now I need to raise the funds to embark on this plan. That’s why I started a gofundme campaign. All the musician kids are doing it these days…might as well jump on the wagon before it passes me by right?  

The plan is to produce a 12 track album with originals and traditional music that I have been playing for a few years now. These tracks will be recorded and mastered by MillSounds Studio . My goal is to record mid spring to early summer.

For me, I’ve always been asked at performances, “do you have a CD?”. I’ve always said “no” even though I had a really badly produced CD back years ago (or give away the CD for free). This is one I created with a computer microphone and I have always cringed when I listened to it. This album will be produced using quality equipment and technical knowhow. It will be right before being released!

In addition to original music in the Album, I will have stories and information about each of the songs in the album liner notes. This to me is how a fan connects with a musician…or at least its how I do. I will be playing the banjo songs/tunes on my banjo that I built as well. 

I will also offer private in-house or whatever building concerts for select reward levels and I will offer lessons for anyone wanting to take lessons for guitar, fiddle, clawhammer style banjo, and mandolin.

This is truly grass “roots” music. From the “ground” up. If you like it, I’m asking you, will you fund it? If you like the music I play and will fund it, you’ll to get a copy of it!

Thank you for your support!
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  • Jason on

    I bought “Johnny in the Briar Patch” from you. It’s one of my favorites.

    • Jeremy Myers on

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I can do much better than that album. I have become more picky about what I release as I’ve gotten older.

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