Looking Back

Recently I came across an old video from 2016 where I was performing with my friends Gary Fitch and Jedediah Cobb (brother of Shad Cobb) in Anchorage, Alaska and began to have retrospective and introspective moments since then.

Since then, we’ve moved back to the Ozarks and begun to build a new life and career in music and Luthiery.

Insert 2020… yeah, the moment of hell in human history, and it ain’t even over yet. Reguardless of your position in all this chaos, I thought that a little bit of looking back might be a good thing for the soul.

So here’s our Off The Grid Stringband show at the 2016 Anchorage Folk Festival to enjoy!

***Note, if you’re viewing this video via an iPhone, it may not work correctly… not sure why. ***

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