My Little One Is Waiting For Me
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Jeremy Myers — My Little One Is Waiting For Me
Release date : Aug. 03, 2019
Label : Independent
  1. My Little One Is Waiting For Me
  2. Hannah Put Your New Dress On
  3. Flight Of The Honeybee
  4. Troubled Man
  5. The Old Banjo
  6. When I was A Young Man
  7. Going Back To Missouri
  8. Wild Bill Jones
  9. Sweet Abby Rose
  10. Brandon Myers
  11. Ain't No Job At All


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She’s waiting… Are you? We know many have been waiting. The wait is soon to be over, the new full length album will be released worldwide August 3rd, 2019! 

This album is the culmination of Jeremy Myers’ songwriting which includes ten original songs that Jeremy pored over for months — in some cases, years — as he developed the timeless music so close to his heart. From his hometown of Ava in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks Jeremy has performed traditional Ozarks music all over the country, and that same style is reflected in this roots-music album that showcases his unique voice, claw-hammer banjo, guitar, and fiddle sound. Jeremy’s banjo is one of his own Snowbird Banjos built from his shop in Ava, MO. Accompanying Jeremy throughout this album are many wonderful guest musicians whose instruments include guitar, banjo (both claw-hammer and bluegrass styles), and cello.

The songs range from light-hearted tunes to deep, soulful ballads. Three of the songs are named after Jeremy’s children, alluding to the album’s name, My Little One is Waiting for Me.

Recording was completed in Mountain View, Arkansas at the picturesque MillSounds Studio over a time period of several months. The development and arrangements of this album were done by Jeremy Myers and recorded by studio owner, Matt Anderson.  

Available for Pre-Order July 20, 2019. 
Album Release August 3, 2019