November Performance Schedule

I am gearing up for a busy schedule this month! The banjo company will be out at the Michel Farm tomorrow showing off some banjos and playing some music. Then, the rest of the month will be geared around performances. So take a look at one or two of these and support local music! 

Schofield + Gray  : Fordland, MO

Club Possom : Mountain View, AR

Rapp’s Barren Brewing Company   : Mountain Home, AR

Lindberg’s Tavern  : Springfield, MO

Copper Run Distillery  : Walnut Shade, MO

In addition to performances, the new Album is well underway and I will be visiting the studio again to start the next half of songs. 

Thanks again for Supporting Local Music!

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As often as we encounter music, we tend to associate it with fun, hobby, or side interest. Make no mistake about it though, music is a business industry. Often, we musicians hope to accomplish a desired status or success level but all we work on is the music. We meticulously work on vocals or a specific lead in with hopes of it making the difference…and it helps. And if your intention is to play music for yourself or family, then that is good enough. However, if your intention is to make a living, at least in part, through music, then you have to think of music as a business.  Read more

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New Music, New Place

After an extended amount of time not keeping up with my website, I am again able to devote some time to its upkeep. As you most likely know from Facebook or heard from others, I have moved to Alaska! Its been a fun ride to say the least. With so many changes going on, music has taken somewhat of a back seat. I am beginning to come full circle again and music is once again capturing my focus.

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